28 de Outubro de 2014

Liebster Award

Hello / Olá sunshines :)

Recentemente fui convidada pela Fátima, autora do blog "Insanity Porcelain", a participar do "Liebster Award", feito de bloggers para bloggers. Este consiste basicamente em apoiar e encorajar esta comunidade, assim como, dar a conhecer novos blogs, ou que estejam em ascenção. Desde já, agradeço o convite, o qual aceito e irei responder com todo o gosto. Vamos lá a isto..

Recently Fátima, author of "Insanity Porcelain Blog", nominated me for a "Liebster Award", it's by bloggers to bloggers. Basically this is to support and encourage blogsphere, as well to spread new blogs. I want to thank her for the nomination, which I accept and I gladly will answer. So let's go..

1) Diz 5 factos sobre ti. / 5 Facts about you.
Pintei o meu primeiro quadro a óleo com apenas 5 anos, sou uma autêntica cinéfila, arte é a minha religião, não passo um dia sem ouvir música, e tenho dois gatos com nomes de Deuses da mitologia grega, a Afrodite e o Zeus.
I painted my first oil paint with 5 years old, I'm a cinephile, art is my religion, I listen to music every single day, and I have 2 cats with names of Greek Gods, Aphrodite and Zeus.

2) O que te levou a criar o teu Blog? / Why did you create your Blog?
A verdade é que eu abri o meu primeiro blog faz uns 6 anos, mas acabei por fechá-lo dado á falta de tempo. Porém fiquei sempre com a vontade de regressar para a blogosfera, mas como sou muito perfeccionista, encontrava sempre algo que fazia-me pensar que não era o momento certo. Foi o facto de querer lançar-me no mundo da ilustração/pintura, que levou-me a criar o Birdy, e com isso a ideia de expressar o meu ponto de vista sobre os meus temas favoritos.
In fact I open my first blog 6 years ago but I ended up closing him 'cause I didn't had much time. And since then I always had the desire to come back. But I'm very perfectionist, so I was always finding something that made me think it wasn't the right moment. What made me create Birdy was the fact I wanted to launch myself on Illustration/Painting world, besides the idea of expressing my point of view about my favorite subjects.

3) O que achas da blogger/blog que te nomeou? / What do you think about the blogger/blog that nominate you?
Eu não conhecia a blogger/blog em questão, o qual não me permite dar uma resposta bem fundamentada, mas pelo que já estive a visualizar é uma fashion blogger com um estilo bastante unico e interessante, e como eu, ligada ás artes :)
I didn't know this blogger/blog until now, which don't let me give you a grounded answer. But from what I've seen she's a fashion blogger with a very unique and juicy style, and like me she's in touch with arts :)

4) Qual o teu maior objectivo na vida? / What's your biggest goal in life?
Viver, descobrir e conhecer.
Live, discover and know.

5) Qual o teu estilo musical favorito? / What's your favorite music genre? 
Apesar de ouvir quase todos os géneros musicais, os que dominam a minha playlist são Indie, Pop, Hip Hop e R&B.
I listen to almost every musical genre, but Indie, Pop, Hip Hop and R&B are the ones ruling my playlist.

6) Onde é que achas que vais estar daqui a vinte anos? Talvez a fazer aquilo que sempre sonhaste? / Where do you see yourself in twenty years? Maybe doing what do you always dreamed of?
Vivo para o presente com direção sempre aos meus sonhos.
I live for the present with the aim always to my dreams.

7) Qual o presente que neste momento gostavas de receber? / Which gift would you like to receive right now?
O som da melodia de uma baleia.
The sound of a whale melody.

8) Qual é a característica que mais detestas nas pessoas? / What personality traits do you hate most in people?

9) Qual o teu produto favorito? / What's your favorite product?
Em cuidados de rosto é a Clinique e Kiehls, e em maquilhagem é a Make Up Forever e Mac.
In skin care is Clinique and Kiehls, but in make up is Make Up Forever and Mac.

10) Qual pretendes que seja a tua profissão no futuro? / What do you want to be your future career?
Considero-me uma pessoa multifacetada, mas ilustração estará sempre muito presente.
I see myself as a multifaceted person, but illustration will always be very present.

11) Qual tem sido o grande desafio da tua vida? / What has been your biggest challenge?
Acredito que o grande desafio da vida de cada indivíduo é ele mesmo, neste caso eu.
I believe the biggest life challenge of man is himself, in this case I'm.

Espero que tenham gostado da leitura. E agora deixo abaixo a lista das perguntas, regras e os respectivos 6 blogs que nomeio. Divirtam-se ;)

Hope you had enjoy the reading. And now above you can see the questions, rules and the 6 blogs I have nominated. Have fun ;)

Regras / Rules
1. Deves visitar o blog que nomeou-te, indicá-lo no teu post, e notificá-lo quando tiveres concluído o mesmo.  / You have to visit the blog who nominated you, link him back in your post and notify him when you conclude it.
2. Copiar e colar a imagem do Liebster Awards. / Copy and paste the Liebster Awards image.
3. Responder ás 11 perguntas do blog que nomeou-te. / Answer the 11 questions presented.
4. Nomear entre 5 a 20 blogs com menos de 200 seguidores. / Nominate 5 to 20 blogs with no more than 200 followers.
5. Criar 11 perguntas para os teus nomeados, ou podem ser as mesmas que respondeste. / Create 11 questions for your own nominees, or you can use the same that you've answer.
6. Notificar cada blog que escolheste que foi nomeado. / Notify bloggers that they have been nominated.

Perguntas / Questions
1) Diz 5 factos sobre ti. / 5 facts about you.
2) O que te levou a criar o teu Blog? / Why did you create your blog?
3) O que achas-te do blog que te nomeou? / What do you think about the blog that nominate you?
4) Qual o teu maior objectivo na vida? / What's your biggest goal in life?
5) O que é que te realiza mais enquanto pessoa neste momento? / What fulfills you more as a person now? 
6) Tens algum modelo a seguir ou alguém que te inspiras? / Did you have any role model or someone that inspires you?
7) Qual o teu estilo musical e artista favorito? / What's your favorite musical genre and artist? 
8) Qual o teu filme e personagem favorito? Porquê? / What's your favorite movie and character? Why?
9) Qual é o teu produto favorito? / What's your favorite product? 
10) Qual tem sido o maior desafio da tua vida? / What has been your biggest challenge?
11) Diz-nos a tua frase favorita. / Tell us your favorite quote.

Nomeados / Nominees

5 de Outubro de 2014

We're forever

Photo by Inês Ribeiros | Edition by me
Good evening sunshines :)
I'm feeling finally a little better (I'm with anemia). GGrrrrr it's been so annoying! Couldn't even focus myself on the illustrations!!! Talking about that I've finish already one of the books and I'll finish the other very soon too. I'm thinking about tomorrow... is gonna be a truly busy day and I hope I can return to my runnings, wish me luck 'cause I really miss that. Now I'm going to watch Cuarto Milenio before I go to bed. I can tell that's my Sunday holy grail ♥ PS. I love so much this photo of me and my baby cat Zeus, he's so adorable *-*
Wish you a wonderful night.

22 de Setembro de 2014

Behind the door

Photo and edition by me
Hello there :)
How are you? I've been working like an aholic, I think when this all over I'll hibernate for a couple days. That's for sure!! Well, at least the illustrations are almost done, and I can't wait to share with you.
The photograph above it's been on my mind for a long time (I'm always taking daily notes about my ideas), then 2 weeks ago I was hanging out with my best friend when I got the vision (if you know what I mean)!!! Is about finding within ourselves the key to unlock the golden door of freedom, individually.
Hope you like and enjoy your evening 'cause I have to get back to work.. another night, another fight! Wish you a wonderful start of the week :)

6 de Setembro de 2014

You and I, Blood Lines

Hello sunshines,

How was your summer? Hope you had enjoyed very well 'cause I do. This summer's been so peaceful, calm and productive, very perfect. Even when I spent almost the entire season illustrating my first children's book, which will be completed very soon. And I just got another book to illustrate this month! I'm very happy about it and I can't wait to share with you. Now you know why I've been so absent from the blog.
Those who follow me on Facebook know that I started last July a challenge of 186 days of creative sketches, it goes from June 29th till December 31st (you can follow it on Section "186 Days Of Sketches", blog click here or facebook click here - In October I'll update the album with all sketches from 9th July). I've been feeling so creative that I had to find a quick way to throw it all out, not to mention that's one of the best exercises to practice, I truly recommend.
Hope you like the pictures of me and my baby cat Zeus. Now I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the evening reviewing part 1 of my favorite film, "Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring". I never get tired ❤ 
Enjoy your weekend :)

Photos by Inês Ribeiros | Edition by me